The rice purity test is a self-assessment test that measures someone’s innocence level or purity. It is a popular online tool that contains 100 questions and was developed in the 1980s (not confirmed because some states 1920) by the students of Rice University to gauge the maturity and innocence levels of their juniors. Soon after its development, it became famous, spread all around American colleges, and is now an online phenomenon.

The test of rice purity covers a wide range of topics, such as relationship activities, academic integrity, alcohol addictions, and many others related to your past life. The test has undergone various improvements to arrive at its current form, and its latest version was posted on December 20, 2021, on TikTok. Unexpectedly, the test gained popularity, and everyone started taking it (you may have seen videos of people taking the test and sharing their scores). 

Does Rice Purity Work?

People usually take this test as an entertaining activity because they know that only a few questions cannot measure someone’s character or innocence test level. But still, they are curious to know how the test of rice purity is calculated.

The rice purity test is an online survey of 100 questions that cover a wide range of topics such as romantic relationships, s*xual activities, academic performance, criminal activities, and others. Here is an example of questions that are asked in the test:

  • Have you ever held hands romantically?
  • Have you ever Kissed horizontally?
  • Have you used drugs?
  • Have you cheated on your partner?
  • Have you plagiarized someone else’s work?

You have to answer these questions with a Yes or No. When you are done answering all the questions, you are awarded a score in the form of a percentage. 0 is considered the least pure, and 100 is considered the purest. Then this score helps you figure out who you are and how you can improve yourself. This is how rice purity works.

NOTE: Honesty should be your priority if you are curious to know yourself!

What is Rice Purity Test Score?

The meaning of the rice purity test result is crucial to know because it gives an idea of which category you can fall into, but you must keep in mind, the score is not to judge or shame others merely based on the test.

The test just asks questions related to your past but does not know the reason why you engaged in that activity. So do not take this test seriously; use it to discover and improve yourself. 

 Here I divided the original rice purity score meaning into three score ranges.

1.    Highest Score Range

100 to 80 is categorized as the highest score range.

Score Range

Meaning Behind the Score


  • You are the purest person on the planet (as pure as gold).
  • You have never been involved in immoral activities such as drugs, s*xual activities, etc.
  • Very few personalities achieve this score range.


  • You are pure but are gradually involving yourself in more experiences.
  • You may have loved or shaken hands with someone.


  • You have experienced some activities, such as French k*ss*ng.

The highest score means you are far from immoral or bad activities. In other words, these people are considered introverts who are afraid of social connections.  

2.    Moderate Score Range

79 to 50 is categorized as the moderate score range.


  • You enjoy your life fully, but at the same time, you know your limitations.  This score is considered average.
  • You are a wicked boy or girl who is engaging in s*xual activities and drinking alcohol. 
  • You have been involved in adult stuff.


  • You are a wicked boy or girl who is engaging in s*xual activities and drinking alcohol. 


  • You have been involved in adult stuff.

3.    Lowest Score Range

49 to 0 is categorized as the lowest score range. 0 is considered the lowest score on the rice purity test.


  • Beyond the s*xual activities, you are involved in criminal activities.
  • Maybe you are a victim of depression.


  • No one is as bad as you on this planet.
  • You are considered an evil partner.

A low score means you live life according to yourself. You are not afraid of criticism, social boundaries, or others.

Average rice purity score chart by Age

According to the Thresher, a total of 124,952 participants took the test, and the average score is 61.46. Among these individuals, 2719 individuals scored a perfect 100, and 336 individuals scored a perfect 0.

Let’s split the score by age and gender.

For Boys

For Girls

Table 1.1

Table 1.2

Boy’s AgeAverage Score (%)
Girl’s AgeAverage Score (%)

Significance of Rice Purity Test

Beside the light-hearted activity, rice purity plays an important role in shaping one’s lifestyle. Here are the potential impacts of an original rice purity test:


The purity rice test acts like a mirror that reflects your past experience and allows you to recognize yourself. It provides deep insight into behaviors, actions, and development.

Better-Decision Making

Once someone discovers himself, the test enables him to recognize the value of his decisions and choices. This helps him to make better decisions to live life peacefully. 

Power to Withstand Pressure

People are under a lot of social pressure, especially when it comes to things like relationships, substance abuse, and academic achievement. People can make decisions that are in line with their genuine selves thanks to its assistance in fostering a sense of independence and asserting one’s own ideals.

Things To Consider While Taking the Rice Purity Test

There are some points to consider when you are taking this test:

  • The Rice purity test is a subjective measurement.
  • The test is not designed to shame or judge other characters
  • You are a good person, do not let this test judge you
  • Take the rice purity test as a light-hearted activity and discover yourself
  • Do not shame women on the basis of test results.&nbsp
  • Do not feel shame or depressed if your score is low
  • Do not compare yourself with others

Frequently Asked Questions

MPS stands for members of preferred s*x (male or female) which means you have to answer questions with your partner simply.

Yes, the test of rice purity is safe because only you can see the information that you provide during taking the test. And if you want to share it, you can share it with your friends.

Yes, there are other quizzes like the rice purity test that help you figure out where you fall. The best alternative to the test of rice purity is Persona and Proof.

The test of rice purity helps you to discover yourself. Once you find out what type of person you are, you can make better decisions that will help in improving your lifestyle.

No, the questions in the test of rice purity are not a true reflection of Asian culture. It represents Western culture so, take it with an open mind.

No, if you ask my recommendation, I suggest you don’t take this test if you are under 14 because of many reasons.
1. The test contains questions that will negatively impact the kid’s mind.
2. If a kid takes this test and secured a low score, it brings up uncomfortable and difficult emotions.
3. Kids can try to discover the meaning of questions that are asked in a test of rice purity.
On the other hand, it is a good point as a parent to start the conversation with your kids to guide them on what is wrong and what is good. The test will assist parents to educate their kids about risky and immoral behavior and its consequences.


The rice purity test is a test that measures innocence and purity level. It was developed decades ago and faced many ups and downs. In COVID-19, the test trend on the social media platform became the center of attraction. Besides the light-hearted activity, the test is the best tool for self-discovery. It will help you to find what mistakes you have done in the past and how you can improve yourself. But remember, the test is scientifically invalid and you can not measure someone’s character on the basis of this test.